Using web marketing to your advantage

In 2015, as mobiles technologies such as smart phones and tablets are taking a lot more space in the daily lives of web users, it has become essential for entreprises to evolve at the same rhythm as those technologies. That is why your web presence should account for the fact that a continuously increasing number of web users are surfing from these platforms as well as taking into account the best social media to reach your audience.

In this article, we will give you advices on how to optimize your web presence. It’s important to know the habits of internet users as well as all the web tendencies in order to constantly adjust your marketing strategies to follow the evolution of the web 2.0

Think “Mobile”

Mobile technologies sales are constantly growing, particularly tablets with screen 4”7 inches and over. Internet users are spending more and more time on smart phones and tablets therefore being connected to a level never seen before. Follow this tendancy! Where a few years ago, you had to think of a website that was responsive to smart phones and tablets formats, you should now be thinking in terms of creating a website that is targeted to mobile technologies that is now responsive to the web.

Social content as your primary marketing tool

We’re not reinventing the wheel here, using content as a marketing tool has always been profitable. Web tendencies are showing that marketing content is still very effective but also very difficult to produce quality content in large numbers. Use this information to your advantage, produce quality content and stand out from the competition. Your business has access to multiple web tools to promote your brand, optimizing those tools has therefore become a must. Whether via your website, social medias, your newsletters or your organic or paid search results, a web strategy including quality content is a the way to go for your enterprise. Publishing quality content that can be shared across your different marketing channels will translate into a far better visibility for your brand.

Knowing your audience and how to reach them

It is essential for your business to know your targeted market as well as the best social media network with which to reach it. We all know the biggest players in social medias nowadays; Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram and Tumblr. Although Facebook is the uncontested leader in the industry, he is certainly not alone anymore. Today’s web social diversity forces you to get to know your targeted market as well as the most optimal way to reach it which just might be your business’s biggest challenge. A good knowledge of your target market will prevent many headaches when time comes to establish your web marketing strategy. Be aware of the tendencies of your leads and create customized social media strategies.

Videos and webinars

Think about integrating videos and webinars into your various marketing channels and take advantage of a growing tendency. Online videos are not solely YouTube’s game anymore, Facebook actually just recently announced that the number of videos viewed on their site passed that of YouTube’s. Facebook’s auto play system might have a lot to do with it; nevertheless we are talking about a strong tendency that should not be neglected when implementing a marketing strategy on the web. Webinars are also in expansion, taking advantage of their very low cost while fulfilling many essential functions for your enterprise and your brand. As it turns out, webinars are an excellent way to create quality leads for your business as well as promote your products and services and they represent a very interesting added value for your company. An article on the advantages of webinars should be posted on the site shortly if it’s not already as you read these lines.

Let us help!

Establishing an optimal web marketing strategy for your enterprise might seem like quite the headache for small and medium businesses and we must get rid of the idea that these strategies are very expensive to implement. Whether you’re in need of a complete web strategy or a simple social media campaign, Perron Media can assist and walk you through the process. Contact us and discover a world of possibilities at a price that will take respect your budget.